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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Average Timeline for CHI

As far as a timeline for our adoption . . . once we get our referral we send our LOI - Letter of Intent and then the timeline averages for our agency are as follows:

Average Days to Pre Approval from Letter of Intent: 37 days
Average Days to Logged in Date from Dossier to China: 6 days
Average Days to Letter of Acceptance from Logged in Date: 80 days
Average Days to Travel Approval from Logged in Date: 101 days
Average Days to Travel Approval from Letter of Acceptance: 22 days

Add all these up and we are looking at 143 plus a few days after we receive our referral, accept and send our Letter of Intent. So if we pretend to send it on August 20th (our 13th anniversary) we should be in China right around the end of January - but that would be if everything went perfectly. Most likely February or March. UGH. I better improve my waiting skills. You would think I would have that perfected after the past 4.5 years of waiting for Casiana.

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