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Sunday, January 10, 2010

SUNDAY SNAPSHOT - Three and a half (on Friday).

She turns three and a half in five days. We've been thinking about things she does we don't want to forget! Our 'Princess of Quite-A-Lot' runs our house and our lives now. sigh. happy sigh. exasperated sigh. an 'I love her' kinda sigh.

She LOVES; Butterflies, Rainbows and Fairies. she loves them. oh and pink. and purple. and pink. everything should be pink if you want her to be happy. Clothes, cups, blankets, everything. sigh. Did I mention she LOVES DORA?! She does, she watches her. A. LOT. too much (but what can I say?!) oh and she LOVES candy. she really loves candy.

She sings "Twinkle Twinkle" more than any other song. she also sings to herself, making up the words as she goes. just don't try to join her, she DOESN'T like our singing.

She chooses her own clothes, don't bother trying to choose for her (though sometimes she can be tricked - shhhhhhhhh) mostly pink, or purple or with sparkles or butterflies. or Dora. she loves Dora.

When she puts on a skirt or a dress she ALWAYS has to test if for the Twirl factor. She will love it more if it twirls :) She dances. A. Lot. She loves to dance.

She is REALLY strong. She can hurt us by taking our finger and turning it wrong. you should see her calves, they are ripped. We wonder if she will be an athlete. Did I mention she's strong willed too.

When she is sleepy she says "I want my jammies, and my chokky milk, and my silky, and my TV." actually usually she screams this. We ask her to use her 'lovely manners'. Then she screams "please!". then we ask if she can please use her 'sweet voice'. or sometimes we are too tired. sigh.

She always wants her hair styled "Like Bella's" which means only one ponytail. bummer, I like pigtails. If I put her hair in pigtails she may leave them in. for an hour. or a minute.

If we tell her she is our : big girl

She will say "NO I NOT! I TIA!" and yes, she is!

When we wash her hands she says (screams) "You're getting me wet"! and if you do, indeed, get her wet she will have to change her clothes.

She says some very funny things:

She always answers "Yes", not yah, just "YES".
She says "Thenk you Mommy", or "Thenk you Daddy". She is actually very polite. when she wants to be :)
She says "No Way Jose!" - her sister taught her that.
She says "Do Again!". especially when we throw her in the air or spin her around.

She has THE most adorable and contagious giggle. When she giggles we can't even remember all the not so adorable qualities. Her giggle can brighten even the worst of days!

Every night at dinner she wants to say the prayer. She always says: "Thenk you Jesus for my food. and thenk you for my school" (she doesn't go to school but she goes to the children's program at BSF, she calls this "her school" and she hasn't gone in more than a month). and then she says "ummmmmmm, ummmmmmmm and we all say "AMEN"!"

Every night when we say our prayers we say "Thank you Jesus for our Tia".

Happy 'Three and a half birthday', Princess!

Ni Hao Y'all

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Shell Seeker . . . .

I've been a slack blogger! It was just so busy for the past few months and I'm not used to being super busy :(

Here is our little shell seeker on our Cairns/Great Barrier Reef holiday. She got so excited when she found shells at the beach! How cute is her little tongue sticking out in the second photo?!

I'm wondering if all these little China dolls get this tan in the sun? I have resorted to a long sleeve rash shirt for the Princess because she gets sooooo dark. (click on any photo to see it larger)

I will try to get up to date with this little blog - someday I might even get Christmas posted :)
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11