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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We took Tia to the Dr. Monday and she got a few immunizations. I told the Dr. again that she seems to be coughing all the time. He listened to her lungs and ordered an x-ray, to check for Tuberculosis. hmmmmm that thought had never entered my mind. If you could please join us in prayer that Tia's x-ray will reveal that she does not have TB we would appreciate that - and also that we could figure out why she is coughing all the time.

Tia is 22 months and weighs 9.5 kilos, which put her on the charts! (3% or something) - she was not on the chart for her height, but she wasn't standing all the way against the wall or I think she would have been. These are the Australian charts which seem pretty tall compared to the American or especially the Asian. Tia weighed about 17.5 pounds the day we got her and now weighs about 21.5 pounds. She is still little but she is also chubby so we are patting ourselves on the back. Now if we could just get her to sleep better at night :(

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Rebel said...

I am hopeful that it is something in her "new enviroment" that is making her cough... you guys are in my prayers!!!!


PS.... even the back of her head is beautiful!!!! :)

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Jeremiah 29:11