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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

she talks :)

Tia is such a little talker, she came to us saying "mama" and within a day or so she began adding to her list of words.  Here are some of the things she says:

mil (milk)
yogo (yogurt)
bye bye
up pa (up, trying to accent the "p")
hotttt (emphasize the t!)
unh uh (no no) while shaking her head no.
uh oh, (when she drops something)
mmmmm  (when eating something she likes :)
cracka (crackers)
i uh oo (I love you) 

Yesterday Elijah asked her if she wanted an apple and she said "apo"!  which had us all giggling at her and today we were coming back from taking the kids to school and I could hear her in her carseat saying "more cracka, more cracka"  I guess she was hungry!

We feel very blessed that language is so easy for Tia,  and it is really fun to have another little chatterbox in the family :)

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