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Monday, March 10, 2008

Interview of baby successful! (Connie our facilitator says).

Tia is legally something . . . . we were a little confused as to what exactly happened today until we looked it up in the paperwork and figured out she now has an Immigrant Visa. Yeah Tia. She will become a US citizen when she touches US soil. I guess I need to plan a trip to Hawaii. bummer.

After finding out that great news we went to the Pearl Market. It was very BIG! and cool to go there. We got the girls some pearls and yes they were pretty reasonably priced (we think). Next stop was The Walking Street. Big, busy and very interesting. It was a fun trip. We came home and celebrated the birthday of Marcy, a Mom also adopting through CHI. It is nice to have other families to share these experiences with and Marcy has been such fun to get to know.

It has been wonderful spending the past 4 days here in Guangzhou. If we were ever to adopt from China again (Matt says NO!) I would love to spend our entire trip in Guangzhou. Shamian Island is seriously a vacation type of place. We have enjoyed every minute of our time here. It helps that Tia has been a dream baby and we are finding the transition to life with 4 kids to be incredibly fun so far. The kids have been so good - they are all stepping up to their new place in the family and we could not be prouder.

Tia has been coughing a little and having serious stomach cramps at night - we would really appreciate your prayers for her little tummy. She had a great day and started making some new sounds and saying MaMa and Dada a lot today. She babbles and sings a lot of the day - too cute. She is also waving goodbye, she is a little doll! spicy too :)

Jonah, Isabella and I went shopping tonight after the little two littleys were in bed. We got some great deals and enjoyed a balmy beautiful evening walking around. Jonah loves to barter - he is so funny because he is a cheapskate and doesn't want to part with a single Yuan more than he has too . . . and Isabella just loves to shop! I enjoyed being with them both and discussing how enjoyable our time in China has been.

Cheers from China, where the sales people always give us "best price".


Marcy said...

Ellie...I have so enjoyed your blog. Tia along with all your kids are just so sweet. Glad everything is going good...we will keep Tia's tummy in our prayers. I loved Shamian Island too. It reminded us alot of New Orleans. Tell Marcy in GU Happy Birthday from Marcy in KY!

melissa said...

Ellie, It was so nice to see you in a picture! We will keep Tia and her tummy (& heart) in our prayers. I'm glad things are going well otherwise.


Sherry said...

Ellie, We will keep praying for Tia's heart and tummy. Have a wonderful final few days in China and a safe trip back home. I love the red couch picture. How sweet!

Hugs to all

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