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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Guangzhou Wild Safari Park

We had a fun time at the Guanzhou Wild Safari Park today. It was a beautiful day to be outside enjoying a really great Zoo. Tia didn't notice the animals very much but she enjoyed spending the day outside playing with her brothers and sister - and her Mom & Dad too.

Tia is so much fun! She is giggling and playing, she signs "more" and has been imitating so many things we are doing. We are delighted by her every minute. We are so very blessed :)

After the Safari Park I tried to get Tia down for a nap. She never fell asleep but was having a good time playing in the crib. After a while I set her down on the floor with some toys while I checked my email. I think she finally allowed me to put her down because everyone else was gone and the room was quiet. I was so excited when Tia started crawling everywhere! She was really cute picking up a little ball and throwing it, crawling to it and then throwing it again. She crawled to the coffee table and pulled herself to a stand, then giggled and gave me a cute sneaky little smile. She reached over and grabbed some crackers and sat down and started eating them. She was so cute and proud of herself for getting a snack all by herself :) Sorry for the poor picture quality . . . and the messy room! But isn't she so cute?

After a bath Tia was playing on the bed with Elijah, Isabella and I, she saw my belly button and kept picking up her shirt and looking at her belly button, then poking my belly button. This little girl is so curious, it is fun to see the world through her eyes! We ended our day with Tia making little smacking noises with her lips for a kiss from Mommy . . . .
Tomorrow is our Consulate Appointment. It is only a couple more days and we leave for Hong Kong and then home to Sydney. I better get some shopping done!

Cheers from Guangzhou, land of Pandas! (we were going to say" land of potty in the middle of the crowd for little kids" but it is a bit wordy . . . )


Angel said...

SHE IS SOOOOOO CUTE! I love hearing about her discovering a whole new world. It's wonderful! I am excited to see those Hong Kong Disney photos. We are taking Kaiya there too. How fun. Have a blast. Angel

Marcy said...

She is so cute! You just have to be one busting proud momma! What a gorgeous family you have. So happy for you guys.

Marcy in KY

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
It is so exciting to see pictures of Tia and the Witts in China!! She is gorgeous and it seems like she was born to be a Witt!!!! The big brothers and sister seem to be doing a fantastic job!!! Madeleine loves her new cousin-she said she is very chupping! She left a comment but now we can't find it so I hope you can!!! Chupping is a high complement. We are glad to see that there are big chickens there for Jonah!!! Lots of love, not too many months till Tia meets her aunt and cousin!!!
Annie, Madeleine and Kelly

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