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Thursday, August 21, 2008


We were eating Pad Thai and Tia took a noodle and put it on her lip and started saying "Meow, meow" - it took us a moment to realize she meant it to be whiskers and she was pretending to be a kitty cat! too cute :)

Then, Matt asked Elijah to do something and when he didn't respond Matt started counting "1 .. . . "2" - Tia says! We all started cracking up! What a smart cookie!


Rebel said...

Oh Ellie ... I am still so sad that I gid not get to meet Tia and see you guys one last time before I departed Australia.

Tia is too cute!!! and... yes... very smart it seems!

Cheers, Rebel

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tia, you make a cute kitty! Maybe you will want to be a little kitty cat for Halloween! Love Annie and Madeleine

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Jeremiah 29:11