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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

sleeping better.

I thought I better give an update after my last post :) The great news is that Tia is sleeping better these days. In addition to my mom visiting, my sister and niece are also visiting us. We needed Tia's room as a guestroom and moved Tia's crib into our room. Truthfully, Tia has been in our bed every night and she seems to be sleeping much better. It is great to get some real sleep!

Isn't the hat my mom made for Tia cute?!


Anna said...

I've been wondering how she was doing so I'm glad to hear she's sleeping better. And yes, that hat is adorable...or maybe it's just Tia! :)


Pam said...

Hi! I have a 27 month old from India. Wanna talk over the "no sleep"? That's been my life for 1.5 years now. ;o) my email is if you want to hear some of what worked for us.

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Hey! That comment under ANNA is from me. I was in her account this morning and forgot to log out. :) Everyone's blog that I commented on this morning was under her name! We've had a good laugh about it.

(the "real" one!)

Angel said...

YAY FOR SLEEP!!!! I am so glad this is working better for you and her. Hope the trend keeps up. :0) Angel

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