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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tia's 2 year old birthday!

Isabella made this sign to wish me a happy birthday right when I woke up.Waiting for the excitement to begin . . . . .
Just 'cause Grandma made me this beautiful dress is no reason to take so many pictures!
Two beautiful sisters! (Is Mommy biased?)Spaghetti is my favorite meal - can't you tell? (didn't want to stain my new dress. . . .)

I loved the whipped cream on my #2 - but I would not try the cake - How 2years old is that?!A ladybug tambourine and maracas from Aunt Annie & Cousin Madeleine!
I love them!I love my fairy wings and wand !A baby doll?! ohhhhhhhh she's so pretty!
I love her - I'll call her Beebee

Do you like our matching Dora dresses?
Beebee & I, with our teddies and our quilts are ready for bed after a very exciting day!

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Jeremiah 29:11