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Saturday, July 19, 2008

My crazy thrill-seeking baby :)

We are happiest when flying down a hill at top speeds!
The photo above is the same as the one below - which is just cropped to show our expressions :) We are loving this!! I crack up when I see how Tia is holding onto me!
We went sand sledding on Friday - Tia screamed because she wanted to go down the very steep hill on the toboggan . . . . I took her 'cause I know she loves everything exciting and wild! When we got to the bottom I had to carry her and the sled (ouchamunga that was a workout!) all the way back up so I said: "all done?" Tia's answer? "AGAIN!" we went 3 times - the last time she wanted to stand up and surf like the big kids were doing!!! (we did NOT! She settled for facing me and holding on like a Koala Bear!) This little China Doll is totally crazy . . . . I love her, she is so MY daughter :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie

Looks like sooo much fun!!!! That little Tia of yours is fearless and full of adventure. I can only image the sound of her squealing for joy as you sped down that hill!

Hugs to you!


Sherry said...

Too much fun!! She fits right in with you all. I love it.


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