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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I working!

We took Elijah to his first day of Kindergarten today - soooooo cute :) Tia loved the classroom and doing the puzzles that were set out. She didn't want to leave and when we asked her to "please come now" her reply was: "NOOOOO, I working!"


Rebel said...

Tell Elijah that Abby said, "WOW... Kindergarten for Elijah, that is cool!"
I imagine that he will thrive... I bet he was so excited!

I was just thinking that if we were still in Australia, I would have a senior and one in kindergarten this week... scarry! Now that won't happen until next August...

Cheers, Rebel

PS... did Tia get a trim? Her hair looks great... and I love that orange bow!

Anonymous said...

I think Tia is ready for some school herself, or a bunch of puzzles in any case! She is beautiful..did you have her hair cut? I love it!

I think you have another gymnast on your hands!


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Jeremiah 29:11