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Thursday, September 6, 2007

LOI & Dossier news.

Very exciting news! We have a tracking number for our LOI (Letter of Intent to adopt) that we have sent for Tia - it should arrive in China on the 7th. What this means is that 3-6 weeks from now we should receive Pre Approval to adopt ZhouZhou. Our dossier is complete and was sent for Certifying/Authenticating today. It will also need state seals, China seals and then translating. If all goes well it will be ready to send to China as soon as we have Pre Approval sometime in October. This means we will most likely travel about 5 months from now. OK, that sounds like a very long time . . . PLEASE PRAY it would be sooner! We would love to travel in January, it doesn't sound possible. "With man this is impossible but with God ALL things are possible." :)

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Jeremiah 29:11