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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Homestudy is DONE!

It has been a busy month since Megan our social worker was here to do our home visits. The kids got out of school on June 21st and 22nd. Matt's parents arrived on the 29th and we had a wonderful non-stop sightseeing visit with them. It was really great to have them here. It was also a nice distraction from the adoption paperchase. Grandma & Grandpa Froggy flew out on Wednesday and we emailed the last few pieces of paperwork required for our homestudy to Megan on Thursday afternoon -within 2 hours she emailed me a draft of the homestudy. I emailed her the corrections I had and CHI made their corrections. Yesterday just 2 days after all the documents were sent in Megan emailed me to say she had sent CHI her corrected final draft! We are moving right along with this paperwork! The kids go back to school Monday (Jonah & Elijah) and Tuesday (Isabella) so my plan is to get all the rest of the documents notarized and send them all to our agency. I'm working and praying that we can get our I171 (Immigrations paperwork) back and have our Dossier ready to go when the new Special Needs list comes out in the second or third week of August. We are getting close but usually there are a few frustrating snags along the way (like our AFP reports and my Dr. letter which are now, thankfully complete)

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