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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In the land down under . . .

on a little sand island called Fraser. . . on the far south end. . .in what are called the champagne pools. . . on a hot day in April. . . while on holiday with her family. . .

this little girl swam. . . like this. (and we tried to keep her clothes on, oh how we tried!) Luckily we were in Australia where this is considered normal. (really!) yikes.


DawnS said...

Oh my goodness she cracks me up! I think Rylee would love it there - she is always trying to undress!

Bailey said...

Oh, that is absolutely precious. Our daughter would do the exact same thing all the time if we let her. Too cute!

Amy Jo said...

Oh my goodness...totally cracking up. I'm starting to catch a theme with your daughter and being outside. That's a beautiful picture!

Dita said...

oh........might you consider adopting me???

just beautiful!!!

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Jeremiah 29:11