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Monday, March 9, 2009

the fringe ? to cut or not to cut.

Tia smiles (finally!)
It is time to make a decision - the fringe is always in her face. What should we do?


DawnS said...

This is such a hard question! Rylee does not want her hair cut. I've tried many times - but it is so important to her that she be able to have long hair - I just couldn't make her get it cut. Now she looks so cute when she has it all back and out of her face, or it all falls softly around her face. We just use lots of clips, headbands, hair ties etc... and I try to get used to it hanging in her face :) Either way Tia is sooooo beautiful!

Tammy said...

Leave it and clip it back it will eventually grow long enough to keep out of her face. Makenzie wanted bangs and when we got it cut with the bangs she was adorable. Then she wanted them the same length as the rest of her hair and we finally have arrived to the moment of truth, where she can just tuck it behind her ear. Just use lots of clips...she is sooooo cute!!! No matter what you do she will be adorable...:)

GGAdventures said...

Such a hard question! Both of our girls sweat like crazy, so being able to pull their hair back off of their forehead is the goal for me. The whole growing out is such a pain, but you can always get it cut later.
Either way, she's ADORABLE!!!!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

My vote is to leave it. I trimmed Olivia's bangs last Summer. It's taken almost a year for them to grow out. They are now at her cheeks. We use clippies in her hair. If you ever want her hair to be long you will have to grow them out eventually. Better now when they are still young enough to wear the cute clips!


Rebel said...

I go with the crowd's decision... but having one little Asian sweetie with fine hair... I will tell you that taking just the tip off of that fringe ( you Aussie you!!! remember... BANGS!!! ) will make them grow much faster! : ) She is so beautiful!!!

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