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Saturday, February 7, 2009

a good reason to blog . . .

in case you accidently delete the entire last 10 months of photos from your hard drive you at least have some photos of your new daughter learning to walk, learning to swim, learning to jump on the trampoline, celebrating her first birthday at home, her first Halloween, her first Christmas with us . . . etc. etc. etc.



Rebel said...

Ellie.... take your computer to a computer guy... all is not lost yet... as long as you have not de-fragged.. . the pics are still on the computer... they just have to be found and saved.

I so hope you can get them back safe... I am sorry!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh Ellie, I'm so sorry. I know how sick you are. It happend to me too. I hadn' gotten around to backing up my photos for a while. I lost the last 5 months of pictures before Lili died. And I HAD defragmented so they were totally gone. Go get an external hard drive.


Tamara said...

I thought I lost my entire computer -pictures, resume, everything. The computer store here saved it all for me. Now all my photos are backed up on Costco's site and on disc. It is a scary thing to think you will lose them all- but a computer store or the Geek Squad may get them back for you.

Tammy said...

Oh, Ellie I am sooooo sorrryyyy!!! I hope that you are able to retrieve them. Guess what I am doing now....yep backing up photos, I need to do it every month at least but these is awful, maybe others can give you photos they may have taken. Let us know what happens. a friend of mine's husband is a computer guy and said you might also want to see if some of the pictures are still in your trash can aka: recycling bin on your pc.

Amy said...

Ellie - That is awful!! I hope they can get your pictures off your computer. I am always worried about something happening to my pictures. Another reason I love Flickr!! I have my best photos there. I also worry about my house catching fire and my computer and photos burning up. We have our negatives in a safe deposit box in Utah and my husband had burned copies off the computer at his work (that is until he was laid off)!! Of all of my keepsakes my pictures are the most important to me!!

Can't wait to see pictures from your new class!!

Tamara said...

My computer became infected- and it had to go to shop- I spent two weeks uploading every picture to Costco- so that I would have them somewhere other than my computer- and yes- they are all backed up now. I did say the samething- at least I blog most of the good ones-and I will have those if nothing else.
Hope you get your MAC back soon.

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