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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tia's first haircut!

I'm pretty sure Tia had her head shaved a few times in China, however today Tia had her first official haircut since she has been home with us. Love the Wiggles cape! That lollipop was so necessary! (ps I will take some better photos tomorrow in natural lighting)


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh she looks so cute! Glad she got a looks like she really enjoyed it! :)


Rebel said...

Keep up those frequent trims! That is what I am doing with Abby... and it is making a huge difference in the thickness... it has no time to get long and flowing... but that will come when she is a teenager I am sure... but for now... keeping the tips trimmed every few weeks is really making it so thick! Plus --- think angled bob. Their fine hair looks so great in an angled bob... little shorter in the back ...

How many clippies do you own now? hehehehehe!

Cheers, Rebel

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