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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feelin' Crook, and packing too :)

I was supposed to get all the packing done today but I was not feeling well. I have had a lot of sinus drainage for the last few weeks and then yesterday and today I just felt awful. I called the Dr., got an appointment and I do have a sinus infection with a slight fever. When I went to the Pharmacy to get the antibiotics prescription filled the pharmacist was so concerned about me, he said "ye feelin' crook are ye'?" well that made me feel much better :0 How cute are those Aussie expressions? heehee.

I didn't get much of the packing done, after all I was feelin' crook :)


Anonymous said...

aww hope you feel better sweetie love Annie

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Too funny! I'll have to try that phrase out! So glad you are getting on the medicine now before your trip! I'll be praying for a FAST recovery!


Angel said...

Hope you are not feeling crook anymore. ;0) I just blogged about you and the care package. I also wanted to tell you to feel free to video tape XiXi too if you get the opportunity. I would be sooo happy to send it to Judy too. Also I read somewhere that when you review the clips you can only view the last one you recorded. Just wanted to let you know... I can't believe how CLOSE you are. YAY! Hugs, Angel

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Jeremiah 29:11