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Monday, May 21, 2007

Special Needs adoption from China.

Yep, we decided this is the way we are going. It took lots of researching, prayer, soul searching and then just a leap of faith! We are using Childrens House International. I joined their CHIWaitingKids yahoo group in March - really never thinking we would go that direction. The joke is on me! I started reading a lot of blogs and it seemed the little girls I would totally fall in love with happened to have heart conditions. Many times the condition just needed to be monitored and others needed one surgery. I feel pretty sure this is the type of special need our daughter will have.

Our social worker will arrive on June 16th for 2 days of the homestudy. We are hoping to be done with all our paperwork by that time and then we will just have to wait. CHI has a new special needs group that will arrive in most likely August and so hopefully our little princess will be in that group. If all goes well it is most likely she will be home with us by January 2008!

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