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Sunday, May 6, 2007

List 18.

Every 3 months Childrens House International receives a new list of Waiting Children. On May 7th a new list of waiting children will be presented to potential adoptive parents. Families that have put in a pre-application are allowed to view the children first. We put in a pre-application however because we are not CHI family yet we are in the second phase of the pre- application process. We are interested mostly in little girls with minor heart defects - a special need that most seem potential adoptive families seem to be seeking. That is another reason I am assuming we won't find our daughter on this list. Still, I am feeling anxious about List 18! I am wondering how "matching" works! How long before we will get the password? Will we JUST KNOW one of the little girls is our daughter?

. . . just the thought that there is any chance our daughter is on this list makes me feel very nervous!

I have today without the kids so I am trying to NEST! Cleaning, organizing etc. so if we find our daughter I can focus on paperwork!


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Jeremiah 29:11