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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Look who's talking TWO!

a little lesson on how to talk TWO!

if anyone ever says "please don't . . ." you will always reply

"I NOT!"

If given a choice as to which you would like you will reply


If ever asked if you did something you will answer


when anyone picks up or touches anything of yours you will say

"MY ________"

Tia is talking a lot but it is funny to see how language progresses when you learn to speak when you are TWO years old :)


Somewhere In The Sun said...

That is such a CUTE post! I love all of her little words. Instead of saying "no you can't" Olivia will say "Yes you can!" It's pretty funny.


Tammy said...

How fun I miss having a TWO year old. My baby is 6 now. Tia is adorable, your pictures are great. I am trying my hand at learning a little more about photography, I love it. Have fun with the little Witt.

Amy said...

I LOVE her pigtails!! I can't wait until Presley's hair is that long!!

GGAdventures said...

Sounds like a typical 2-year-old! How fun. Lovin' the pigtails! Cute.

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Jeremiah 29:11