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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Soooooooooooo do I give in and cut her bangs? or do I just keep trying to get those wisps to stay in the pigtails? (or clippy or barrette . . .) a few friends are saying CUT! but I am not a bangs type (for my girls anyway). any opinions?


Angel said...

I cant believe how alike our girls look in certain pictures. Kaiya was sitting here looking at this blog and saying OHHHHHHH and pointing at Tia like crazy. Surely she can't remember right? Maybe she thinks it is her. I was looking at Kaiya and was blown away. As they fill out they seem to look even more similar. Angel

Rebel said...

trim trim trim.... it is the only way they will grow grow grow!!! Take it from me... mother to Abby who is "hair challenged"! If you trim just the tips they will grow so much faster!

Tia is too adorable... as always!!!

Cheers! Rebel

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Jeremiah 29:11