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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Lot of Love, a little food . . . .

This is our super classy growth chart! all our kids have their own marks on this doorway. Yesterday., 6 months to the day that we arrived home from China, Tia backed herself up and wanted me to measure her. I snapped a photo so you could see how much she has grown!(the kids add their own marks, they think its okay to write on this wall :)
Tia has grown 3 inches taller and gained 5.5 pounds since the day we met her! Oh MY! at this rate she will move out of the bottom 5th percentile in no time! 6 months ago I never would have imagined someday one of Tia's nicknames would be "The Chubster"!


Rebel said...

That is a huge growth spurt....

It must be all that shrimp on the barbie... hehehehehe!

Take care!! Rebel

Anonymous said...

Her hair is growing too, so chupping per Madeleine!

Sherry said...

She is getting so big!! Five pounds!! WOw!! Love the pictures of everyone. You have the cutest cheerleaders at the field.
Hugs To all

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Jeremiah 29:11