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Monday, January 21, 2008

Starting to Pack . . .

Having Tia's room organized gave me the motivation to pack her things for China . . . I have washed her clothes in the baby detergent and they are ready to go in the suitcase . . . . I bought diapers and wipes, some baby toys and a ladybug backpack to put them in . . . . Next comes Tia's room . . . we bought a crib on ebay and I ordered the bedding. I think I HAVE to paint this room! Hopefully we will get things in order before we leave for China, either way I am going to enjoy decorating my very last nursery :)

I love the cute hand me downs Tia has received - and of course I bought a few things also (though it is tricky not really knowing Tia's size) - thanks Sophia, Macy, Lauren & Lilli for sharing all your adorable clothes - I can't wait to see Tia wearing them!


Angel said...

I was just about to ask what size clothes you are bringing. Kaiya will be 24 months when we get her I think... I think I will bring some 18 months and some 2T. Not sure what to do. Angel

Rebel said...

Ellie - WOW!!! you have been a busy girl in the last 2 weeks!!! Tia's room looks great - and you know I LUV LUV LUV all the beautiful things... hey - I especially love those stacking cups!!! hahahahaha!!!

Cheers, Rebel

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Jeremiah 29:11