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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tippy Toes!

Tia had her very first dance class today - it was called Tippy Toes! She LOVED it! The teacher was so cute! She had pink hair and definitely knew how make dance the magical fairy princess thing that most little girls dream of :) Tia said she especially enjoyed playing the magich wand and flying like fairies!

We can't wait for next week!


Wanda said...


Isn't she just the most perfect dancing fairy princess. How wonderful that she enjoyed her first experience so well.

I LOVE these pictures. There is such a mood to them. Lovely processing.

Anonymous said...

How did you get the pink and blue in the last picture? You are such a good photographer! Great subject too :)
XX Annie and Mads

Amy Jo said...

Oh my - such a sweet angelic look on her face. SO sweet. As usual, thanks for sharing!!! Amy

Bailey said...

Wow, what a wonderful dance class. I can just imagine the joy that all of the girls experienced in that class. What fun!

Felicia said...

Thanks for stopping by! What a sweet all those little fairy pricesses on their tippy toes. Your Tia is just precious!!

Anonymous said...

Naja, ob das alles so richtig ist..

Michelle said...

Hi Ellie,

What an adorable dance class. I bet you love taking her there!

Thanks for your comment on WPT. I responded in the comment section over there. I left a few tips. Some or all you may already know, but hope they help!

Rebel said...

LOVE the pics! I hope she lasts longer than Holly did... one class! : (

Have you guys started "purging" yet? What is the word?? I can't wait to hear .... email me!


Dita said...


I love ALL of these and agree with Wanda that the processing is just gorgeous.

That last one with Tia in the crowd of fairies with her gorgeous brown dress amongst the pink just took my breath away!

Wow......this is a postcard!


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