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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Model Bug

Her big sister was getting some photos taken dressed up for a party - she decided to teach T to "model" Here is our Little Bug, she ran to get this ladybug dress on so she could model too! (and note the pink princess dress up shoes)


Wanda said...

Yup, she's got her "stuff" done up right. Just adorable.

Kim said...

She IS adorable! Ahhh, I so wish Sophie and Tia lived closer so they could play! Wouldn't that be fun?

GGAdventures said...

What a great little model! Absolutely beautiful.

Dita said...

Apparently T's got the BUG...the Model Bug!

She is too adorable! How do you stop smooching her long enough to hold the camera?

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Jeremiah 29:11