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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's all about the goggles!

She loves wearing the goggles. as long as they're pink. She didn't like the fact that "that boy that helped me swim" was replaced by a girl instructor. Luckily "that boy" came by and told me to pop her in the water against her will or she would never have gone in. Once she was in she was havin' fun. until it was time to get out. she was not a happy camper. not even what with the pink goggles and all. (for a bigger view of her closed eyes just click on the photo)


GGAdventures said...

Very cute with the goggles!

Wanda said...

Yup - great goggles. My Dahlia would be envious - she's so into goggles.

Kim said...

She makes me laugh! So cute!

Dita said...

How completely adorable. But of COURSE they had to be PINK!

Hopefully she will have a lifelong love of the water from now on.

Anonymous said...

It's fun to look through the blog and you can really see her own little personality emerging and she's shining!
XX Annie

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