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Monday, September 21, 2009

my little LOVE bug

she cracks me up because she is so serious trying to learn how to play :)

She had an adorable dress on, but (of course) she changed before we left the house. She had cute pig tails too but (of course) she had to rip those out . . . no point in pretending to be compliant when you're really not :(

It's alright, I LOVE her just the way she is!


Wanda said...

Oh oh, that head strong stuff sounds familiar like with my newest (from guess where? Zhejiang!)

We're in for it!

Niecey said...

This is so pretty. Pretty girl and pretty photo. I love the vignette.

Anonymous said...

Wow, she is really growing Ellie. I miss seeing her and of course all of you. Was this photo taken up at school? She is such a cutie as always!

Amy Jo said...

Precious. :-)

Just dropping by to get a Tia & Ellie fix. How's life?

Sweet blessings,

GGAdventures said...

So cute!
I have one of those strong-willed, I'll do it "my way" type of girls. They keep you hopping.

Dita said...

Oh, LOOK at HER! What a little love!

I know the hair clips out and undressing syndrome. We have the same thing over here.

If you can't beat 'em, Mama...join 'em!


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Jeremiah 29:11